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Zac Posen's Designer Dogs


The fashion designer may rule the runways, but his 3 dogs rule the roost.

By Melanie D. G. Kaplan
WebMD Magazine - Feature

Reviewed by William Draper, DVM

After 11 years with his black miniature poodle, Tina Turner, fashion designer Zac Posen doesn't hear much about resembling his dog (since he, too, has dark, curly hair). By now, he says, it's simply stating the obvious.

As usual, his company House of Z juggles numerous projects. In 2014, he launched new eyewear and fine jewelry collections and a wedding collection at David's Bridal. He was also named creative director for Brooks Brothers' signature women's collection.

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Posen is especially excited about returning as a judge on Lifetime's Project Runway. He says the show now has a "whole different caliber of taste and talent." He and his partner, House of Z creative director Christopher Niquet, and their three handbag-sized dogs live in New York City.

Your dogs are Tina Turner, Betty Blue, and Candy Darling. What's behind the names?

Tina Turner -- I'm a big fan. And this miniature poodle has very long legs and likes to dance. Christopher had Betty Blue, a dapple miniature long-haired dachshund, named after the movie character. She's more shy, but she's been photographed by all the great photographers. Christopher worked with Karl Lagerfeld for a few years, and Lagerfeld really fell in love with animals through Betty. He named her the Linda Evangelista of dogs. And Candy Darling, an English cream miniature dachshund, is the blond baby that we adopted. Not to be cliché.

What is your home life like with Christopher and the three "kids”?

All of the dogs except Betty Blue were meant to be uptown dogs. They love walking down Sutton Place and seeing all the other fancy dogs. Tina at moments is eerily humanistic -- watching TV, watching me cook. Sometimes I have to give them chomps of carrots when I'm cooking. It's hard to resist having these three dogs in bed, but they don't sleep with us. They have their own little bed on my side. Tina is a superstar poodle-gymnast, and they all curl into one big dog ball together. They're pretty patient until we're up and dressed and ready to walk them.

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